OG Psynet


OG Psynet


OG Psynet is the Executive Assessment, Organizational Assessment and Development, and Talent Development division of Options Group.

Individual Assessments


“Why has the assessment industry stayed relatively the same for over 20 years?”

In 1969, the predecessors to OG Psynet used psychometrics to hire executives and sales people in manufacturing firms. Now, with the launch of its proprietary platform called Psybil and a novel executive interview, we are launching an entirely new approach to assessing executives, high net worth professionals, and early career candidates.


    Questions we answer:

    ●     Does the person have the cognitive capabilities to succeed?

    ●     Does the person have the energy, drive and motivation to execute?

    ●     Can the person direct and inspire direct reports and coworkers?

    ●     Can the person influence peers and clients?

    ●     Does the person have significant derailers including bullying, low self awareness and poor stress management?

    ●     Will this person fit the culture of the team and organization?


In addition, we tailor our process to answer almost any question an executive or hiring manager needs to know in making a talent decision.



Organizational Assessments


“A 10 is the norm, everything less is a degree of failure”

As survey data becomes tainted by this belief, new approaches to understanding organizations and teams are needed. We solved this problem with the following tools and approaches.

    ●     Qualitative surveys and interviews that allow written responses not ratings

    ●     Social Network Analysis that reveals engagement and influence

    ●     Team charts that highlight the dynamics within teams and organizations

    ●     When competitive advantage requires an understand of human capital, OG Psynet gathers information that matters.



Organizational Development


“We need to create the type of culture and organization that will allow our people to thrive”.

To do this requires technical skills and knowledge related to organizational structure and soft skills associated with culture building and team dynamics. Few companies excel at both in the way that OG Psynet does.


In creating the structure, we apply our Talent Cascade methodology with our proprietary Role Mandate process to create the framework for successful execution.


In creating the culture, we apply the most recent psychological and organizational research on the actions and behaviors associated with exceptional work environments.



Talent Development


“If our talent is not improving, it is falling behind”

This is why an estimated $360B was spent on training employees in 2016, however, many of our clients did not see the changes that would warrant this level of investment.


People do not change on schedule so OG Psynet began applying neurological science to its development programs. As a result we have seen measurable change resulting in a return many times the cost.

    Our most popular development programs are:

    ●     Executive Coaching

    ●     Thinking Improvement including strategic thinking, critical thinking and creativity

    ●     Sales and Influencing

    ●     Leadership, including a new leadership program geared towards women