Options Group 2021/2022 Global Buyside Report:
"The Return vs. The Resign"

Get access to exclusive and detailed compensation data for everyone from analysts and marketers to portfolio managers at mid-sized to large funds (>$5 billion+ AUM) around the world.

In 2021, buyside hiring activity is buzzing at 2000 and 2005 levels, a direct result of pent-up demand from hiring freezes during the pandemic. Hiring is especially robust in the digital assets space, with candidates in crypto trading, systematic, and high frequency trading (HFT) shops in demand.

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2021/2022 Options Group Global Buyside Report

The only guide needed for hiring managers and business unit heads to navigate employee compensation expectations. The Global Buyside Report includes regional hiring and compensation summaries and detailed year-over-year trends and data, gathered from internal surveys and analysis, and publicly available research, data, and news sources.

What’s Inside: 

This year’s report covers all of the following product areas:

Investment Professionals
  • Multi-Strategy
  • Global Macro
  • Long/Short Equity
  • Credit
  • Systematic Trading
  • Electronic Trading
  • Structured Products
  • Asset Management & Long-Only Investing
  • Private Equity

Non-investment Professionals
  • Quant Research
  • Data Science
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Information Technology

New for 2021/2022: Digital Assets (cryptocurrency) market summary and hiring trends Also Inside:
  • Top-level salary ranges paid out to Portfolio Managers, Heads of Research, Junior and Senior Research Analysts, Junior and Senior Traders, and Junior and Senior Marketers (The report is GDPR compliant.)
  • High-profile executive moves of the “Who’s Who” in finance with titles, current, and prior firms; Offer examples and motives behind accepted, rejected and countered offers
  • Global hiring heat map of forecasted activity, including which regions and product areas will see high activity, headcount reductions, replacement hires, or no activity
  • Exclusive insights for 2022 global hiring and compensation trends according to key Options Group personnel and internal survey data
  • Year-to-date hedge fund asset flows data by volume and industry
  • Sample Portfolio Manager (PM) Compensation Structures data including base salary, PM payout formulas, deferred bonus, expenses and charges, and notice and non-compete data for mid-size to large global macro funds, multi-strategy funds, quantitative (systematic) hedge funds, and large, global equity and credit funds

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