Macro Fixed Income Strategist
Macro Fixed Income Strategist

Coverage Area
Hedge Funds
New York
Institution Type
Hedge Fund

Our Hedge Fund client has a Fixed Income Strategist role, in their New York office. They are looking for a Macro Strategist/Economist that has proficient knowledge in equity research, commodities or some other market microstructure. In addition to this they would be interested in candidates that have experience in fundamental macro research, such as an Economist with quantitative skills or a Macro Research Analyst that has experience working at a buy-side firm. The ideal candidate would be able to develop a framework to evaluate the relevant problem and constantly make adjustments as the structure shifts over time to enhance how the related problem is analyzed. They are looking for someone with experience conducting fundamental research within G10 currencies and Emerging Markets that could help manage risk and create P&L reports for Rates, FX, Equity and Commodity portfolios. This new hire would be responsible for completing data-driven projects using quantitative and statistical methods and analyzing large data sets. They would require this person to have strong oral and communication skills and experience with programming languages such as Python, R and C++. This candidate should also have a degree in finance, economics, mathematics, engineering, computer science or physics with a minimum GPA of 3.5.